15 Awesome DIY Fire Pit Ideas For Your Backyard

Winter seems to be in full swing but it won’t be too long before the snow melts away and the trees start blooming. Spring is a wonderful season, mainly because nature starts to return to its colorful theme and the wildlife comes alive. Naturally, it makes you want to spend more time outside too, but often times it gets a little boring sitting outside in your yard with nothing to do. That is where a DIY fire pit can make things a whole lot more interesting. But you’ve got to worry about that now, so you can have it ready when you want to use it.

As soon as the weather takes a turn for the better, should be your clue to step out of your mancave and roll your sleeves up. We’re going to show you how to build yourself an awesome DIY fire pit and transform your backyard from a boring patch of grass and dirt into a fully fledged party pad. We’ll let you define the kind of party that you want to throw on your new patio with the fire pit as its focal point.

1. Upcycle a truck wheel

DIY fire pit from a truck wheel

2. Build a classic in a weekend

Classic fire pit

3. Make a DIY fire pit shaped like a bowl

Concrete bowl fire pit

4. DIY fire pit using a washing machine drum

DIY fire pit using washing machine drum

5. Make one from concrete and pebbles

Concrete fire pit

6. Classic tiered fire pit with bricks

Classic DIY fire pit

7. Build a fire pit that doubles as a BBQ

BBQ fire pit

8. Classic DIY fire pit with bricks

Classic bricks fire pit

9. Build a fire pit for $50 using concrete tree rings

Tree rings fire pit

10. Simple fire pit for your outdoor space

DIY outdoor fire pit

11. Build a stone fire pit for about $60

Stone firepit

12. Create a stylish modern pit on a budget

modern fire pit

13. Build a fire pit with landscape wall stones

Bricks fireplace

14. Use retaining blocks to make a fireplace in your yard

Retaining blocks

15. Create a modern box-shaped fire pit with concrete

Square concrete firepit
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