15 Magical Christmas Destinations For This Year

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and guess what, it’s almost here. Honestly, I didn’t expect Christmas to come so soon, but it seems as if this year went by so fast. Well, why not make this year a little bit different and choose to spend this Christmas in of these 15 magical Christmas destinations that we have compiled in the list below. You might expect most of these towns to be in the heart of Europe, but we’ve decided to include a couple of Christmas destinations that are in completely unexpected locations all around the world.

Which one should you choose? That mostly depends on your idea of a Christmas celebration. Some of these Christmas destinations can be your perfect Christmas gift if you want to spend Christmas in a busy Christmas market while others are intended for those of you who wish to spend their Christmas on the beach.

Take a few moments to explore these wonderful Christmas destinations and keep an open mind. Just because you imagined your Christmas day on a busy street with Christmas lights all around doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy the polar opposite of that – a private Christmas celebration on a beautiful beach on some remote island with your partner. On the other hand, maybe you wanted to spend Christmas doing nothing special at home, but some of the best European Christmas markets can change your mind.

1. New York City, USA

New York Christmas

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, an amazing Christmas destination in Europe

3. London, UK

London, UK

4. Paris, France – one of the most romantic Christmas destinations

Paris, France

5. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona New Year's celebration

6. Rovaniemi, Finland

Snow in Finland

7. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Christmas lights

8. Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada

9. Salzburg, Austria

Salzbrug Christmas market

10. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Christmas tree

11. New Taipei, Taiwan


12. Jerusalem, Israel – One of the Christmas destinations close to where it all began


13. The Maldives – Christmas Destinations on the beach

Christmas on the Maldives

14. Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece - Sintagma square

15. Bayern, Germany

Bayern, Germany - a Christmas market

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