8 Of The Most Dangerous Everyday Jobs

Every profession carries its own risk. Some jobs have a higher risk, others have lower risk, but it’s always there. It’s not always the unusual jobs that carry high risks, but it’s always up to us to take the necessary measures to protect ourselves while we work. But there are some dangerous everyday jobs that are at the core of our society and many of us don’t have an idea just how much risk they carry. This article is dedicated to the workers of these professions without whom our comfortable daily lives will not exist.

1. Logging Workers

Many people think that logging workers are lucky to be able to work in the forest everyday, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful natural sights. While it is true that they are far away from the busy city streets full of honking cars and crowds of people, logging workers are exposed to high levels of risk. It is in fact one of the most dangerous jobs and the accident statistics confirm it. When you’re working in such an environment, with powerful tools that can easily cut down something as large as a tree, accidents are easy to occur.

Companies take measures to reduce the risk, but in this profession, the risk level is always high and help is usually not nearby either.

man cutting wood

2. Roofers – Dangerous Everyday Jobs

Can you imagine your home without its roof? You can’t, thanks to the roofers who work tirelessly everyday, exposed to high levels of risk due to the nature of their profession. They’re almost always on an elevated position, and it isn’t always a single story home’s roof that they’re on. Sometimes they have to work in weather conditions that are less than ideal which increases the level of risk they are exposed to tremendously.

installing roof tiles

3. Ironworkers And Steel Workers

Steelworkers are the people that can make skyscrapers happen. How many cities would not have their beautiful skylines without them? Well, they’re worthy of every piece of respect they can get. It’s certainly not a job for anyone with a fear of heights. Even though they have emergency straps on them, most of the accidents are cases when someone falls from very high.

steelworkers up in the air

4. Miners

Miners are responsible for extracting natural resources without which we wouldn’t be able to imagine our lives today. Without them, we can’t build cars, trains, roads, skyscrapers or pretty much anything that requires iron and other natural resources. It is a very important job, but a highly dangerous one.

Miners have to work everyday in shafts located deep under mountains in tunnels that appear to hold the entire ground above them. It is incredibly easy for injury to occur, or in more serious cases for miners to be trapped underground.

mining on of the most dangerous everyday jobs

5. Maintenance Workers – Invisible Dangerous Everyday Jobs

Perhaps one of the professions that gets the least amount of credit are maintenance workers. You rarely see them as they usually work in machine rooms, or work outside of main working hours. But what really puts their profession on the list of dangerous everyday jobs is the fact that they have to work with all kinds of machines and systems that sometimes are impossible to predict.

Sometimes they work with machines that are quite old and have not been maintained well. Usually those machines are connected to power sources such as electricity, gas or other kinds of fuel that might just spontaneously combust.

technician fixing machine

6. Agricultural Workers (One of the most important dangerous everyday jobs)

Agricultural workers and farmers are not the people you hear everyday about, yet they are the people on whose work we depend in our daily lives. Without them, there’s no food on the table. These are not easy professions.

The people who work with agriculture and farming do not live in the city, which is a bonus for many, but that doesn’t make their jobs any easier. They have to work their fields and farms everyday because they are working with live plants and livestock. They don’t know of holidays and working hours on top of working one of the most important dangerous everyday jobs.

But what makes their jobs really dangerous is the tools and machines they work with. They use huge, powerful machines on a daily basis and unfortunately, many farmers suffer injuries or even death when something goes wrong.

plowing field dangerous everyday jobs

7. Fishing and Hunting Workers

Quite alike farming, fishermen and hunters work to bring food to the table, especially in remote areas or parts of the world that can’t solely rely on organized farming. Some consider these jobs a sport, but for many, the real dependence on fishing and hunting is just another one of the dangerous everyday jobs that have to be done.

They don’t choose to expose their lives to dangerous animals and the environment for fun. They have to do it to survive, or to earn a living. Naturally, they have to use weapons and other types of fishing and hunting gear that makes it really easy to get hurt, even if being extremely careful.

aligator taming

8. Power Linemen

You’re reading this article on your smartphone, tablet or computer, but you wouldn’t be able to do that if you had no electricity at home to charge these devices. What about your fridge, your oven? How many electronic appliances and devices do you have at your home at this moment?

How many of them are important to provide you a comfortable daily lifestyle? Well, someone has to ensure that you get the electricity you need to keep you warm, fed and comfortable.

Those are the power linemen and their job is extremely important, but also one of the most dangerous everyday jobs. On one hand, they often work on tall power lines which is dangerous in itself, but then if you add the enormously high voltages that they have to be mindful of, you can imagine the dangers they face on a daily basis.

power linemen - one of the most dangerous everyday jobs
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