How to combine shoes and jeans for different styles?

Can you imagine your daily outfits without your trusty jeans? In fact, can you imagine most of your outfits without jeans? I certainly can’t. I wear jeans almost anywhere. But how exactly do you combine jeans and shoes properly if you want to sport a certain style aesthetic?

We’re going to give you a handful of ideas about the shoes that you should wear with jeans in Casual, Business Casual, and Semi-Formal styles.

Casual style with shoes and jeans

There is probably no need to tell you this, but jeans should be your first choice when you’re trying to achieve a casual look. However, you should consider the type of shoes that you wear with your jeans to ensure you stay within that casual look frame. It’s quite simple, you just need a reliable pair of sneakers or trainers.

Sneakers and jeans


Wearing sneakers and jeans is a classic combination as old as both of these pieces of clothing. There are many sneaker styles you can consider and nearly every one of them can be worn comfortably with jeans for a casual, everyday look.

Trainers and jeans


Trainers are quite alike sneakers, only sportier. There is an athleisure trend currently and modern fellows can pull off a cool, casual look by combining jeans and trainers. They are even more comfortable than sneakers and look great with all kinds of jeans, especially with the slim types.

See how to get the business casual style with shoes and jeans on the next page.

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