5 Trendy Necklace Types You Need In Your Accessories Collection

Looking stylish and attractive comes down to many things. It is impossible to single out one specific item that will make you stylish. But a combination of clothing, jewelry and accessories is definitely something that will help.

The important part is getting it right. We know not every guy is a fan of jewelry, but there are many popular items that men can add to their daily looks. One of the jewelry pieces that you can try adding to your daily outfits is a necklace. If you are used to wearing something like that or you are willing to try it, we have some trendy necklace suggestions for you.


When it comes to necklaces designed for men, there are plenty of styles to choose from. You can go for that simple, minimalist look or you could look for something more specific to your own style.

Knowing how to wear a necklace is also important. The first step to doing that properly is knowing what else you’ll be wearing. Will you be wearing a classy shirt or a casual T-shirt? What colors will you be wearing? What is the story that you want to tell with your outfit? You should consider all of that when you’re picking out a new necklace for your accessories chest.

1. The Military Style Necklace


2. Classic Necklace


3. Long Bar Necklace


4. Coin Trendy Necklace


5. Double Necklace

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