15 Affordable Watch Brands That Should Be A Part Of Your Style

Nowadays, we have at least a few gadgets on our person that can give us an accurate representation of the time, so why do we still carry wristwatches?
It has been a while since the watch has been used primarily to tell the time. It has become more of a style statement than a practical accessory and now, there are many affordable watch brands that you can choose from.

1. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is on the list of affordable watch brands thanks to their reliability and groundbreaking chronograph mechanisms. Their style is also one of the high points to consider when looking for a new watch to add to your elegant style.

tag heuer

2. Casio

Dating back to the 1970s, Casio is one of the brands that produces budget-friendly watches for every occasion. They are well known for their quality and lately, they’ve been putting out models that look as elegant as ever.

casio the most affordable watch brands

3. Triwa

The Swedish watchmaker Triwa is another brand on the affordable watch brands list that aims to revolutionize the modern watch. They make their stylish watches from recycled metals that come from illegal guns with a goal to end the life of the illegal guns and reduce violence.


4. Timex

Timex is a company originating from 1854 and they’ve been making waves in the watch-making industry ever since. Their attractive watch designs come at a reasonable price point making them an excellent choice for budget shoppers. They proudly use US-sourced materials and Swiss mechanisms.

affordable watch brands timex

5. Guess

You’re probably familiar with Guess as a company that makes stylish clothing and fashion accessories but did you know that they are also an affordable watch brand that offers attractive watches that are a cut above the rest?

guess watch

6. Swatch

The Swiss have long been known as the best watchmakers, so if you are looking for an affordable watch brand that makes quality watches, look no further than Swatch. These attractive watches make use of a simplified mechanism that keeps the prices down without compromising on functionality.

swatch watch

7. Skagen

Founded by a Danish couple, Skagen is a reputable American watch and accessories brand. Typical of Scandinavian design, their watches are quite minimalist in appearance, but they’re also quite affordable, at least compared to similar watches of more exclusive origin.

skagen minimalist affordable watch brand

8. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington, a company based in Sweden, is an affordable watch brand that offers stylish, minimalist watch designs on a budget. They even support interchangeable straps in a range of color combinations allowing you to customize the appearance of your watch.

daniel wellington

9. Fossil

Slightly more expensive than the other brands on our list, Fossil watches use classic mechanisms and comfortable designs to keep their spot on the affordable watch brands list. On the plus side, the company is dedicated to keeping a low carbon footprint by reducing water consumption in leather tanning.


10. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is not just well-known for the apparel they sell. This fashion brand also sells sleek watches made in Switzerland. Almost all of their watches have excellent water resistance and come with a clean look.

calvin klein

11. TOKYObay

The Japanese are also on this list of affordable watch brands with TOKYObay, a watch and accessories brand founded in 1991. Their designs draw influence from Tokyo’s vibrant culture.


12. MVMT

MVMT specializes in premium watches made of quartz, but unlike others, they won’t put a gaping hole in your wallet. Their stylish watches are minimalist and easy to wear, making them an ideal choice for an addition to your elegant outfits.

mvmt, elegant affordable watch brand

13. Hamilton

Hamilton is another affordable watch brand that originates from the USA but uses Swiss manufacturing techniques to make their watches. They create enduring timepieces with distinct mechanical and automatic designs and a history dating back to 1892.


14. Bulova

Similar to other brands that are known for their fashion accessories, Bulova also makes budget-friendly watches. Their focus is on innovation and understated design offering quartz watches with automatic movements at an affordable price.


15. Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a brand known for their luxury fashion presence but they employ Japanese quartz movements to create affordable watches. Their watches feel luxurious and well-made and can certainly find themselves in any elegant outfit combination.

michael kors a surprising affordable watch brand
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