The 10 Best Winter Hat Types for Men to Wear Everywhere

Winter is the perfect time to upgrade your hat game, and there are plenty of stylish options to choose from. When it comes to winter hat style for men, there are a few key factors to consider.

First and foremost, you’ll want to think about warmth and functionality. A good winter hat should be able to protect your head and ears from the cold, and should be made of materials that are both insulating and water-resistant. Knit beanies and wool fedoras are both classic options that will keep you warm and stylish, while fleece-lined trapper hats and earflap beanies offer extra protection against the elements.

In terms of style, there are plenty of trends to choose from this season. One popular look is the “dad hat” – a relaxed, unstructured baseball cap that can be dressed up or down. Another option is the classic watch cap, a ribbed knit beanie that looks good on just about everyone. For a more formal look, a wool fedora or trilby can add a touch of sophistication to your winter wardrobe.

No matter what your personal style is, there’s a winter hat out there that will suit you. Whether you’re looking for something practical and functional or something that makes a fashion statement, you’ll be able to find a hat that fits your needs. So don’t let the cold weather get you down – embrace it in style with a new winter hat.

1. Beanie

The classic beanie comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but this extra-thick ribbed version takes the style to the next level. With an extra-long length, the wearer has the option to roll it up for a more fitted look or wear it down for a stylish slouch effect in the back.

beanie classic winter hats

2. Tech Cashmere Hat

Cashmere beanies are made from luxurious and soft cashmere wool, making them a comfortable and stylish choice for cold weather. They are also generally lightweight and offer excellent insulation, making them a popular choice for both men and women.

cashmere beanie

3. Hooligan III Driving Cap

For men who prefer a little more room, we recommend a classic newsboy hat silhouette. This herringbone version has a vintage vibe that still feels modern and relevant.

driving cap

4. Bozeman Outdoor Hat

This hat may not look like a traditional winter hat, but it’s actually one of the warmest styles available for men. Made from wool felt, this outdoorsman hat is perfect for transitional weather, providing both shade and warmth.

bozeman outdoor winter hat

5. Reversible Sheepskin Hat

This hat offers the best of both worlds, with two sides to choose from – one made from suede leather and the other from recycled sheepskin. This versatility allows you to switch up your style or adapt to different weather conditions.

sheepskin hat

6. Intraknit™ Merino Tech Beanie

This technical beanie is designed to keep you warm and comfortable while you enjoy outdoor activities, even in harsh weather conditions. It is made with 3D-knitting technology that provides wind resistance and air ventilation, ensuring your head stays warm while still being able to breathe. The combination of insulation and ventilation makes this beanie truly amazing.

merino wool beanie

7. Bucket Hat

It’s hard to say whether the bucket hat is still in style, but it is timeless, easy to style, and extremely warm thanks to its sheep shearling lining. If you’re in need of a winter hat, this one is definitely worth considering.

bucket hat

8. Large Disc Thermal Toque

You don’t need to search any further for the warmest hat on the planet – this three-layer merino wool beanie is perfect for extreme cold weather. It even has internal thermal pockets on the inside to help maintain breathability and heat.

warmest hat three layer merino wool beanie

9. Boa Aviator Hat

This hat has a retro look, reminiscent of the hats that aviators used to wear tightly around their heads before airplanes had windows. However, this vintage appearance is what makes it so effective at protecting against the cold and wind. Lined with soft luxurious fleece and featuring ear flaps, it’s clear to anyone who sees you that you are feeling warm and cozy.

boa aviator winter hat

10. The Alpaca Beanie

Beanies are always a solid choice for winter, but those made with airy, soft, and sustainable alpaca are particularly effective at providing warmth. The style of this particular beanie also adds a touch of unexpected flair.

alpaca beanie
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