10 Winter Smart Casual Outfit Ideas From The Fashion Hotspots

New year, new me. That’s how the most famous New Year’s resolution goes, but rarely anyone sticks to it past January. Well, we are determined to make you introduce some novelty in the New Year. However, we’ll be focusing on your wardrobe, your winter smart casual outfits in particular.

Each new year brings new trends and with them more styles to chose from for your daily outfits. The way you dress is an important aspect that you must not forget about, especially in your smart casual outfits for the winter. Just because we are men, does not mean that we are not conscious about our attires and how we are perceived while wearing a specific outfit .This is all the more important when talking about semi-formal outfits because we can wear them to important events, personal or work related.

The ridiculous variety of weather conditions and temperatures during winter can present many challenges for any average fashionable fellow’s wardrobe. But we’re here to focus on the positive parts. The same conditions can create the opportunity to try something new, to introduce a new winter smart casual style to your daily outfits.

To get a better understanding of what the trending winter smart casual style will be for this season, we’ve taken a peek at the world’s most renowned fashion cities and their streets. We are going to show you what the men in cities like Barcelona, Paris and Milano wear this season and we hope that you can use their outfits as an inspiration for your semi-formal style this winter season.

1. Barcelona Winter Style

Business casual outfit

2. London Winter Style

Black style trench coat

3. Paris Smart Casual Style

Parisian street style

4. Milano Winter Semi-Formal Style

Checkered coat and brown scarf, perfect winter smart casual outfit

5. Madrid Smart Casual Style

Madrid semi-formal

6. New York Winter Style

Overcoat and brown suit

7. Toronto Street Style

Street Winter Smart Casual Style from Toronto

8. Tokyo Fashion Week Style

Tokyo black overcoat

9. Rome Smart Casual Style

British semi-formal

10. Amsterdam Winter Smart Casual Style

Brown coat, orange sweater and jeans winter smart casual style

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