10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters Every Couple Needs

What is the holiday season? It is a time for joy, a time dedicated to family and the ones that are close to us. It is a time for love, and laughter. Well, these ugly Christmas sweaters (some Christmas sweatshirts too) are a good way to use your love for some laughter.

Make your Christmas gift surprise your lady with one of these funny Christmas sweatshirts or sweaters and rest assured, she won’t be the only one surprised. Walk into any room with these ugly sweaters and you’re going to become the center of attention very quickly, or rather, instantly. She always asked you to coordinate your outfits, right? Well, now you can have matching outfits that are perfect for the Christmas season.

Seriously, I don’t know why anyone calls these ugly Christmas sweaters and yet everyone wants one for the festive season. They are just awesome and even if you can only steal one smile with them, you’ve done a good deal to lift up the Christmas magic. We need all the silly fun we can get, don’t you agree? On the plus side, you can bet these sweaters will keep you and your lovebird warm during this cold season. Just please, don’t make these your only Christmas outfit, your family might skip inviting you for dinner.

1. “Everything I Want” couple Christmas sweaters

Everything I want for Christmas sweaters
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2. Todd and Margo

Why is the carpet all wet Todd? I don't know Margo - Ugly Christmas sweaters
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3. No matching sweaters please

Don't want matching sweaters pattern
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4. Never loose your Ho

"Where's my Ho at?"
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5. Festive Christmas sweaters for a couple

Festive Christmas sweaters pattern
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6. Rein-dinos?

Reindeer Dinosaur sweater
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7. Who’s really the naughty one?

Naughty or Nice sweaters
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8. These couples’ Christmas sweaters are surely naughty

Christmas tree
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9. Matching reindeer

Matching reindeer Christmas sweatshirts
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10. Ugly Christmas elves

Ugly Christmas elves
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